Monday, September 20, 2010


Yes, fall is in the air! Part of me is sad, but another part of me is excited for caramel apples, pumpkin carving, the leaves changing, and of course HALLOWEEN! We have some new designs for the Halloween season. I'm not one for scary things, so hopefully these are still sweet enough for a spooky holiday. Blessings, Jodi

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Back to school...already! I am having a hard time with this reality. I have had the best summer with my kiddos. I made it a priority to be with them during the day, going to the beach (lake), riding bikes, hiking, picnicing, and just having fun! I sure hope they enjoyed the summer as much as I did. My daughter will be starting first grade this year. She is so excited about school, and I am so thankful that she loves learning and being social. My little man will be going to Pre-K three days a week for a few hours. So this means that I will actually have a little bit of "me" time. What will I ever do with myself?

Anyhow, I designed these fun tees for the kiddos. I added this design to my Etsy shop ( and it has been a great hit! You can put any grade on it.

Hope your children have an amazing school year!